Ways to Help, Especially the Climate

To keep it positive, here’s a small linkspam of ways to fight climate change and generally promote positive social action:

How to search for a socially responsible credit card. (Note: Credo/Working Assets are served by Bank of America.)

CarbonNeutralNow.org: the United Nations’ program allowing individuals and businesses to purchase carbon offsets, supporting green projects in the developing world. Bloody awesome!

Carbon Offset Program in the Philippines. I attended a meeting featuring a speaker who had been on-site observing this reforestation program. It seems legit.

Green-e Energy: helping individuals and businesses buy into green energy. I never knew this existed till yesterday and haven’t fully vetted it, but I see no immediate complaints through the BBB or just posted online. My first impression is it’s legit.

Top 25 Retail Electricity Providers in the US: not solely geared toward green energy, but this list does include the company’s green energy options as well as regions served and other info.

Donate directly to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe: now more than ever, they need it.

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