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X-Men Apocalypse: A Fan's Reaction

Disclaimer: This is not a review of X-Men Apocalypse (though I've tagged it as such for simplicity) but some personal reflections (with SPOILERS).

This movie inverted a common experience of mine with Hollywood action films, which is they start out well but end as formulaic tripe. This film, in my view, started as tripe and ended up pretty good. Once I had accepted the fundamental l...


Review: Bringing Them Back by Geoffrey Aguirre

Geoffrey James Aguirre's utopian science fiction novel, Bringing Them Back , is well worth a read for any fan of provocative utopian literature. (Disclaimer: I was in a critique group that reviewed an early draft of the book.) Aguirre posits a future Earth that has developed a tec...


Star Wars: the Light & Dark Sides

It's interesting to read different responses to The Force Awaken's discourse on the Light and Dark Sides of the Force. Many voice sympathy for the Dark Side, sometimes critiquing the Jedi for being too rigid and dogmatic. But while the Jedi are not perfect, I agree with them that the Dark Side as a bad option. Being Force sensitive is dangerous because the Force is powerful and power corrupts, unl...




I was born and raised in wine country, California and love it to death, though I can't tell a white from a red. My far-future sci-fi universe, the Continuation, is (to borrow Ursula Le Guin’s term) an ambiguous utopia, a place where lots of things go wrong but there is always hope for Earth-based life and the human spirit. I’ve been writing Continuation-based stories since I was fifteen and have published two novels, Perdita and The Hour before Morning. My short science fiction has appeared in Challenging Destiny and Mytholog. I also proudly write and love fan fiction. I did doctoral work in science fiction studies and hold a BS in biology, all of which I mainly use to write science fiction. I currently live in Oregon with my partner, our two high octane kids, and our household goddess/cat. And, yes, I was named after that Arwen.