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The Hour before Morning by Arwen Spicer

Title: The Hour before Morning
Format: Print novel

Summary: Three people lie in a prison cell. One is a murderer. Can his companions help him unlock the door to his own mind before his unreasoning rages claim their lives. The Hour before Morning explores a distant future in which the human heart is much the same. The Ash’torians see their conquest of the Outliers as a triumph of civilization. The Outliers see it as servitude. Their resistance takes many forms, from non-violence to terrorism. Yet one thing remains constant: though lives are shattered, compassion endures.


Title: “The Worldkeeper’s Circlet”

Format: Short story

Publication: Mytholog
Vol. 4, No. 4
(Autumn 2006)
Online Periodical

Summary: What makes a mosquito precious? A founding myth of the Continuation Universe.

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Perdita by Arwen Spicer

Title: Perdita

Format: Print novel

Summary: For centuries, the planet Perdita has warred over the proper use of high technology.  Now the West-of-Now family has crash landed on the planet, bringing with them the secrets of jae, a tech as perilous as it is powerful.  For pro-tech Ethan and anti-tech Sherayna, the stakes of the battle have never been higher, for their actions may decide whether Perdita will enter into a new golden age or face cataclysmic destruction.

“Perdita is such an incredible poetic tapestry… a future of the heart and mind that we can actually hope for.” — Nye Joell Hardy, author of The Crows of Bedu.


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Summary: I am a proud writer of fan fiction! The heart of narrative has always been collaborative and always will be. My fandoms include X-Men (movies), Blake’s 7, Banana Fish, Les Misérables, Trigun, Mirage of Blaze, Mushishi, Doctor Who, and others.


The Hour before Morning
In an oppressive future, a murderer seeks redemption.

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Director: Jake Macklem
Screenplay: Arwen Spicer
Editor: Matt Pryor
Original Music: Grayson Fiske
Visual Effects: Michael Miller
Sound Design: Ostin Drais

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